Gin and Tonic is easily the most popular way to enjoy Juniper Green.

Some suggestions for making the perfect drink:

Chill the tonic
Ice in the glass
Juniper Green about 1/3 up the glass
Wipe lemon around the lip of the glass
Place the lemon slice in the glass
Top up with the chilled Tonic (do not chill organic tonic - it reduces the effervescence)

Look after your glasses - many drinks can be spoiled through residues of odour and taint.

Never use detergent
Wash under running cold water
Dry with a fresh towel
Keep dust free in a cabinet or bottoms up on a shelf

Juniper Green will make the perfect Gin for any Cocktail and is so smooth and aromatic that some of our new customers are enjoying it straight.

Let us know how you have enjoyed Juniper Green Organic Gin

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